Yohei Ogawa, Japan

Yohei Ogawa

iLEAP TOMODACHI Social Innovation in Seattle, 2014

Yohei’s Story

Born and raised in Osaka, Yohei is in his second year studying Law at Ritsumeikan University. Yohei is passionate about ending poverty and advocating for all people in society. He has involved himself in various non-profits aiding Tohoku voluntary refugees and also serves as committee chairman for the “Coming of Age Ceremony” in his hometown.

Yohei is excited for the iLEAP SIIS TOMODACHI program so that he can begin to improve his ability inspire others, challenge someone else’s claim, and to think of the big picture and everyone involved before ideas are executed. Upon completing the program, Yohei hopes to return home with everything learned in Seattle and establish his own student organization.


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